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Designed and made in Melbourne; Louie Couture creates small style runs of minimalistic bags and clutches.

Classic, durable and functional, the soft and supple leather bags are lined with digital prints of picturesque landscapes and original Louie Couture designs, while some clutches remain raw and unlined.

Louie Couture has a strong focus on using sustainable practices and being environmentally conscious. Producing small style runs ensures Louie can use the entire hide with minimal wastage and customers can feel special about their unique piece from the collection.

The leather used is a by-product of the meat industry from Italy, sourced from an Australian wholesaler and the glues are all non-toxic water based adhesives.

Designer, pattern maker and creator, Louise Sanger, is the founder of Louie Couture.

Every piece is made with such care and attention to detail by one pair of hands. You will find the personal service you receive when dealing with Louie like no other.

Incredible photography by Corey Wright Photography.

Hand model - Louise Sanger *not a real model.